Mouth sores

Mouth sores – treatment with Miolite device

  • For fresh wounds, wait one day (24 hours) before starting the first treatment with
    the Miolite device!
  • In the case of linear wounds, hold the treatment head of the device (the elliptical window
    with the longest axis) perpendicular to the wound.
  • When treating the wound, make sure that the edge of the treatment head does not touch
    a treated surface!
  • The light emission window must be approximately 2-5 mm away from the treated surface,
    and the treatment must last at least 4 minutes but no more than 8 minutes on each part of the surface to be treated (in each light point).
  • Hold the lamp window on a specific surface, then move to the next one
    on the surface to be treated until the entire length of the wound is scanned
    with the appropriate light beam of the operating head.
  •  The treatment must be carried out 2-3 times a day.
  • If you do not notice improvements within 1 week, consult your doctor first to continue treatment.
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