LED phototherapy with polarized light for problems in adolescence



A large proportion, almost 90% of teenagers suffer from this “illness”, which may cause severe esthetic and psychological problems. Additionally, improper treatment may leave behind permanent scars. Acne or blackheads – commonly called pimples – form when the opening of the sebaceous glands in the skin becomes blocked for some reason, which leads to the proliferation of bacteria, and eventually to inflammation. Pimples usually emerge during adolescence in response to a combination of factors, such as hormonal changes, inherited predisposition, and environmental effects.

In order to prevent more significant blemishes and unsightly scars, acne treatment should start early.

Cleansing is very important: facial skin should be thoroughly cleaned in the morning and in the evening with lukewarm water and soap or a cleansing lotion.

Remove all powder or makeup before going to bed. Only non-irritating and nondrying facial care products should be used. Do not use strongly drying and irritating liquid soaps because they increase sebum production. In order to avoid oiliness of the forehead, frequent hair washing is recommended. Topical treatments used in home care may be sufficient for the mildest cases: in order to counteract a too thick stratum corneum, pimples should be treated with exfoliants, drying paste, or suspensions, usually applied in the evening. Pharmacological therapy may be used in addition to localized treatments.

Treatment ■ treat the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes two or three times a day.
Color therapy ■ the color green is recommended for the affected area, yellow for the liver and the spleen, and orange for the kidneys.


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