LED phototherapy with polarized light for problems after childbirth



Polarized light therapy accelerates wound healing, relieves pain, and inhibits the development of inflammation. The area should always be cleaned before treatment!

Treatment ■ illuminate the affected area for 20 minutes, repeated after 30 minutes, twice day.
Color therapy ■ the use of the color yellow is recommended.

Mastitis, inflamed nipples

A disease occurring in new mothers that is accompanied by pain, tightness of the breasts, redness, fever, and nodules. Improper treatment may necessitate surgical intervention for the removal of the nodules. It is caused by improperly performed breastfeeding and/or failing to empty the breast. Consult a breastfeeding expert (for example LLL – La Leche League of Hungary, www.lll.hu) for advice on the proper routine and correct posture for breastfeeding – in addition to plenty of rest, and consuming approximately a gallon of fluids a day. Recommended treatments for mastitis include smearing the nipples with breast milk or saliva.

Treatment ■ illuminate the painful area of the breast for 20 minutes twice a day.
Color therapy ■ the use of green or blue light is recommended.

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